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Ready for a Writing Break-Through?

by Marla

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I’m rocking a crisp new planner, and a fresh wall calendar, a holiday gift from a client, hangs nearby on the wall.

It’s a brand-new year.

It’s a brand-new year and like me, you, dear writer, have a decision to make:

  • Will this be the year you allow yourself the resources, support and structure you need to break-through and achieve that writing goal you’ve had for years?
  • Or will this be yet another year you stay tethered to your fears, unproductive habits or lack of know-how, anchoring yourself to what could be soaring happily on a life-giving updraft of creativity and engagement, passion and commitment and achievement?

You don’t get the same results by doing the same things.

If 2016 is the year you want to get back to writing, recast your writing career or finally finish that book, you’re going to have to do something different.

And before you actually do something different, you’re going to have to choose to do something different. This is a fine point, but an important one.

Let’s not waste a moment more, shall we?

Here’s a writing prompt to get you started. Grab a pen and ask yourself: “Am I truly ready for a writing breakthrough? If so, how will I untether myself this year? What one thing most needs to change?”

I’ll be curious to hear what comes up for you.

With love from your coach,

p.s. –This month I’ve opened up 2 spaces to mentor smart, highly-committed writers who are ready to not waste another year. Is one of these spots yours? Email me at for more information and to apply to speak with me.


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