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You’re the Best Gift You Can Give.

by Marla

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life from inside outLast night I stayed up late, researching Christmas presents online. I bookmarked items and filled my shopping cart. I made mental lists and discovered a few items I might like, too.

Quite a lot of mental energy and time can go into holiday gift-giving, yes?

As this year’s season of celebration and generosity unfolds, I have been thinking about the ways we humans connect with each other.

Some of the best kind of gift-giving arises from us allowing ourselves to be affected in some way by another person —

  • We listen, noting a friend’s casual references to aspirations, favorite colors or loved objects.
  • We observe the textures, the threads of conversation or the adventures that fire up our friend when we’re together.
  • Sometimes we dare to be vulnerable, sharing an art piece, a song or a film that matters to us in hopes that our gift sparks an aesthetic aliveness in our loved one, too.
  • Sometimes we make a gift with our hands.
  • And, let’s be honest, sometimes we scramble to pull together a decent-enough gesture in good-enough time.

These many kinds of gift-giving can be quite lovely.

Yet I believe there’s another kind of generosity that has the power to be many, many times better: the generosity of you, being more fully you.

If you’re a writer, practicing the generosity of being more fully you may be this:

  • Write boldly. Write often. Write well.

If you’re a writer, the power of being more fully you might be like this:

  • Pursue. Follow-up. Follow-through.

If you’re a writer, the feeling of becoming more fully you feels like this:

  • Proud. Finally at peace with your efforts.

Please, stop and ask yourself:

“What would change for me if I were finally able to get out of my own way?”

“How differently would I feel if I were finally (and consistently) doing the writing or marketing or creative work I knew I was capable of all along?”

  • Would you be more fun for your friends and family to be around?
  • Would you feel more confident?
  • Would you inspire your kids to write by showing them what it looks like to fully pursue your passion?
  • Would you take better care of yourself, and stop beating yourself up about past mistakes?
  • Would you focus? And achieve?
  • Would you feel more peace about your age, more hope and excitement about the future?

The answer is YES.

In the past 10 years, I’ve never seen a writer’s life and relationships not transform when they got the steps and context and support they needed to redefine their priorities, follow-through and write.

These writers changed everything, all by getting a coach. Through our work together, they became more fully themselves, and…

  • Created a more writing-centered life.
  • Took creative risks and opened up to new possibilities.
  • Launched a successful new career.
  • Achieved important life goals, like self-care, relationships and money.
  • Published work or promoted projects.
  • Amplified their voice, perspective, message and experience to reach, entertain or serve the world.

Think about it.

All the gifts you can buy don’t hold a candle to the brightest, best gift you can give: You.

You being more fully you.

I suggest you write your own name at the top of your gift-giving list this year. And if you’re truly ready to feel amazing in 2016, apply for a get-acquainted conversation with me and explore gifting yourself the mentoring, steps and accountability you need to write and write well.

The vitality, peace and joy you’ll feel when you more fully commit to yourself and your writing will benefit and gift everyone around you. Without really trying, you’ll be inspiring them to their own greatness, too.

With love from your coach,


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