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It’s been a very exciting few weeks here.  In the past three weeks, writers from across the U.S. have been telling me how coaching is helping them move their writing projects forward.  I’m so excited for them!

One writer drafted her most recent book in record time.

Another writer is this close to finishing a sophisticated non-fiction project she’s been working on for a year.

Two other writers focused on their writing enough to finish decent, full-length novel drafts, right in the midst of their busy work, household and family lives.

To me these writers are heros.  Each of my writer clients made a decision to honor their talent and writing dreams.

Then they took action:

  • They started honoring their writing talent.
  • They invested time, money and heart in their writing career.
  • They stopped trying to push themselves to write in isolation.
  • They believed that, with help, they could develop, clarify draft and finish writing a book.
  • They saved themselves tons of time, by reaching out for help, guidance and support.

These writer clients of mine did their work, showing up week after week to our coaching calls.

They learned to think bigger.

They let go of outdated beliefs, writing habits and energy drains that no longer serve them.

They got honest and real with themselves.

(And they did their coaching homework between calls!)

Most days, these were ready to embrace possibility and rework their writing from the inside out.

On those other days, the ones when they weren’t so ready, we worked, non-judgmentally, simply with “what is.”  We unknotted resistance, sapped the energy of their blocks, and freed them to move forward again, without beating themselves up. (And guess what?  Now they know exactly how to get themselves unstuck in the future, no coach needed. Quite a valuable skill to have as a writer, don’t you think?)

Forgive me, if I sound proud.

I’m sharing this with you today because I believe that you can make these shifts, too.

I want you to see yourself as eager to write again.  (Can you remember how amazing that feels?)

I want you to work smart.

I very much want you to stop being so damn hard on yourself.

I want you strive and yearn and feel deeply again, and I want you to set a big writing goal from this heart/mind place in you, the seat of authenticity and courage and joy.

If I could do something magical with these words today, I’d spark a flame in you, a small, certain action towards Life and Truth and Writing.

When you give your writing the support and structure it needs to thrive…

  • your message takes form, so it can reach, inform or serve someone else…
  • you feel truly happy with all of your freelance writing career, if you write independently — the money, the assignments and bylines, the career trajectory
  • you can look yourself and your loved ones straight in the eye again, knowing that you are indeed capable of finishing your book and keeping your promises.

No matter what your situation, if you’re willing to let go of your familiar, limiting ways of thinking, writing and being, you can create writing focus, momentum and change.

It’s absolutely possible for you to create a consistent, productive and enjoyable writing practice.

It’s absolutely possible for you to create a writing career you truly love.

You have to do something different than you’re doing though.

What will that be?

I suggest you decide to be your own hero.

Believe you can write your book or shift your writing career so you love it again.  Dare to connect with other writers who are already doing what you’re yearning to do.  Or reach out for guidance, perspective and support from an experienced coach who understands writers and had a solid track record of success.

say yes to your writing

Your beautiful writing future is waiting for you to take the first brave step. 

Try something new.

You can’t help but get different — and better — writing results, if you do.


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