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How to Trust the Trail

by Marla

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More than once this week, I’ve stood on a metaphorical pathway much like this:

IMG_0047Marla Beck c. 2014

Each time I knew I wanted to cross a wide, wide meadow. Beyond the shelter of the oak, beyond the clear bright light, the trail would turn and snake beyond sight.

I couldn’t see how to get where I was going.

I had to trust the trail.

As a coach, I see writers set out to hike every single time they leave their comfort zones and try something new.  Sometimes they’re shifting towards more fulfilling writing work. Other times they’re reclaiming their voice or a consistent writing practice. Regardless, every single time our process involves a new hike, a different path, an unfamiliar journey.

To end up someplace new with your writing, you’ll have to trust your new path, too. Even when you can’t see what’s ahead.  How?

Today I’ve got 3 suggestions to help you learn to trust the trail:

1.  Practice.

  •  Start with tiny journeys and small challenges.
  • Ask yourself daily:  How can I take a small risk?  Where can I lean into discomfort?  What’s my next best challenge?

2.  Gift yourself a wise guide.

  • Look for a knowledgeable guide, someone who knows the terrain well and can help you choose the right trail for you.
  • Choose someone who knows how to take a stand.  The last thing you want is someone who allows you to chicken out, stumble or wander.
  • Align yourself with someone with a strong back, warm heart and sharp mind. You may need to ask for water sometimes. 🙂 You may need help to lighten your heavy, heavy pack.

3.  Cultivate your wisdom.

  •  Write, make art, connect with nature, practice sports, mindfulness, movement or meditation on a regular basis.
  •  Get used to reviewing and reflecting on your results, every time you take new actions.
  •  Practice playfulness.  Allow more open-endedness in your life, too.

It is entirely possible to end up someplace new with your writing practice or career. 

Every moment can be a chance to practice stepping forward confidently on the trail… even when you can’t immediately see how you’ll get where you want to go.

I wish you courage and safe passage.  Always happy to talk if you want to explore working with me as your writing life or career guide, too. Door’s open anytime.


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