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3 Reasons to Be Grateful You’re a Writer

by Marla

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Cheerful office workerIt’s easy to focus on the tough stuff of writing — how much time it takes, how much faith it takes, how much personal “oomph” it takes to sit down and stick it out with our writing until words make sense on the page.

We writers are some of the bravest people on the planet, persisting despite uncertainty that we’ll ever get the right agent, publish our project or get the right acknowledgement or acclaim that might make it all seem worth it!

But here’s a thought.

Just the act of writing  — and the privilege of getting to be a practicing writer in the world — is an unimaginably precious gift.

Here are just a few reasons why.

#1 – Writing wakes up your heart and mind.

Whether you’re drafting a novel or reporting on the latest medical innovation from Sweden, writing done right wakes you up.  Done right, you learn something about yourself when you write — what a relationship means to you, how you tend to get duped, what means the most to you.

Writing reveals our desires and values and aspirations in a very special way.  It’s a tremendous gift to honor your voice and allow yourself to investigate and develop your ideas on the page.

#2 – Writing heals your body.

Sound crazy?  Perhaps.

Hear me out for a minute, though…

Modern science, yoga, the ancient Chinese mind-body practices of QiGong and many other modalities are proving again and again how interconnected our minds and bodies are.

When we have a rich store of happy, active, alive energy within ourselves, we have the capacity to stabilize, change or heal our bodies. 

A few simple examples…

– Our pulse slows when we’re relaxed…
– Our sleep deepens when we’re happy…
– Our stamina increases when we feel committed and capable…

Think for a moment about that writing session you had when you felt totally engaged and in a flow state.

Can you remember how amazing you felt?

We can stabilize and improve our physical health by cultivating our “inner energy” and a happy mind.

Writing well and happily is the fastest path I know to creating the energy and happiness that heals.

#3 – Writing serves the world.

If you’re in my community, there’s a high likelihood that you’re motivated to serve the world in some way with your writing.  (How do I know?  I just tend to attract awesome folks like you!)

Maybe you want to serve the world by…

– modeling “what a working writer looks like” for your children.
– publishing articles that challenge your audience to think more deeply, clearly or critically.
– serving up well-written and entertaining fiction to delight your readers.

No matter your genre or approach, speaking your voice with clarity, craft and truth has the potential to influence and inspire and change the world.

You are a writer, dear reader.

Talented and alive and perhaps even driven, too.  Amidst the challenge and struggle of showing up to write each week, I urge you to remember this:  you are a creative being with a very precious gift, one that has the potential to wake yourself up, make you strong and serve the world.

Your work, as a writer, isn’t just about “mastery” or achievement.  The act and practice of engaged, productive writing on its own is a radical act of aliveness and healing.

Not everyone gets to be born a writer.  Today I encourage you to see and celebrate your precious gift today!


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