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From Freelancer to Book Author

by Marla

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If you’re a successful freelancer, first off — hot damn and congratulations!

It’s no small accomplishment to make a living from pitching and producing your ideas.  As a successful freelancer, you’re balancing assignments, editors or clients, research and writing.  Don’t forget invoicing, follow-ups and professional development.

You’re a Jane of all trades.  And I’m guessing you feel pretty good about your bylines and bottom line.  Perhaps you’ve found the time to write a book chapter or publish a few of your essays on the side.  Maybe you’re slowly developing a platform.

Yet, something’s missing.  More than anything, you want to write something of your own – something that matters.  You want to write a non-fiction book, or a memoir – but something keeps getting in your way.

Some days, your business gets in the way.  Your work feels too hard for the pay you get, the hours, too long.  You want to clean up your client base and stretch for bigger markets or better assignments, but something’s been holding you back.  You see other writers growing their careers, and you want this too, but you’re not exactly sure how to get there.

It sucks knowing you absolutely could evolve your business and writing career, but, for some reason, after years and years in the business, you’re still not doing it.

You work too many hours.  There is no clear separation between “work” and “life,” and you’re beginning to think it’s JUST NOT POSSIBLE to develop a book solid book idea and write it.  Even though you know other freelancers who are becoming authors, you feel like it’s just not possible for you to do.  For some reason.

And most days, you can get by with not living your purpose.  (After all, there are deadlines and interviews and family to tend to!)

But at conferences, over coffee with your best friend, at night when everyone is asleep…the truth comes tapping on your heart.

“I’m not being the writer I want to be,” says Truth.

“I’m not making the impact I know I can make,” says Truth.

“I don’t know why, but I know this:  I want more.”

As any freelancer who’s coached with me can tell you, the only way these truth pangs began to go away was when they took their pain seriously.  Whether it was “logical” or not, whether anyone else understood or not, they knew they had a responsibility to be fully themselves:  no matter how busy or already successful they were, they had to commit to themselves.

It was time to write a book that matters.

Writing a book while you run your own business can be challenging, but it absolutely can be done.

Growing a book-writing career while you write for others can absolutely be done, too.

Every day, I help writers like you to transition from “freelance writer” to “author.”  My work isn’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to work hard, try something new and dare to believe that your voice, your book, your insights, stories or passion matters – we just might be a match for working together.  Contact me here to get started.

With love from your coach,


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