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Introverted? Creative? Here’s an Easy Way to Nourish Your Soul.

by Marla

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In the United States we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day, my most favorite holiday of the year!  My family is gathering in Lake Tahoe for a few days, and if I haven’t already started my signature Dutch apple pies by the time you read this, I’ll certainly be gearing up to soon.  (I don’t eat sweets, but for some reason, I love to bake!)

I appreciate you for being a part of my community. I so appreciate you and the other soulful, intelligent women and men in my community who know it’s time to write what they want, and time to voice their perspectives with confidence, joy and savvy.  It’s an honor to pop into your inbox each week, meet you on my webinars and coach you here and in my private practice!

Today’s ​video will be especially helpful for you if you’re headed to a party or gathering — and you consider yourself a bit of an introvert.

Watch now for a simple practice you can do anytime, anywhere to settle yourself down and nourish your soul:

​with love from your coach,
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