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You’re So Powerful.

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 In the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing with you ways that other peoples’ wisdom has taught me to deliberately take charge of my life.

Today’s article is the third in this three-part series, “Quotes That Changed My Life.”


You’re So Powerful.

This week I moved my office to a beautiful five-story building closer to my daughter’s school. My private office is small, but it’s a pretty space, well-lit and well-arranged. I share the suite with more than twenty independent businesses, and together we share a receptionist, kitchen, conference room and business lounge.

Why did I move? I moved here because I have a fresh vision for my life and work, and to achieve the elegant efficiency, creativity and collaboration I’m envisioning, I need to take action. Moving my office was a deliberate step to align my life and work more fully with my passion. Yay!

This is the fourth location for my business, When I started my coaching practice in 2006, I used to huddle at a small desk right under a florescent light I hung from the ceiling in the second bedroom of our house. After a couple of years of working from home, I anchored myself in an arty, affordable cubicle a few miles from home. I shared that workspace and as my practice grew, I realized I needed more privacy — and wall space! I nestled into a ground-level office in the center of our village town, located right near a wooden footbridge that led to the town playground and often, my child at-play.

Wherever I’ve worked, I’ve taken one image with me. I’ve pinned it to boards and taped it to walls. I’ve propped it up on my desktop. I’ve started at it. I’ve been inspired by it. I’ve treasured it. Here it is:


“It is your mind that creates this world.”   – Buddha

I dearly love this quote. These words are a passport to freedom, new movement, growth. This is the key to shifting into a proactive, engaged stance in life, work and art!

As I shared with you recently, when I was young and struggling I often couldn’t see well-lit pathways or solutions. Instead, I felt inundated by evidence — facts, experiences — that reinforced and proved self-conceived limitations, fears and doubts. In other words, when I expected “bad,” I often got “bad.” When I expected conflict or lack or struggle…I usually got it. My mindset contributed to what I saw, felt, got or experienced. In this way, my mind created my world.

Today, I see the same dynamic at work every week in my coaching practice. When my clients approach a writing session, a writing project or a career redesign with tension or doubt or anxiety, the tightness they’re feeling is usually reflected in their experiences and opportunities.

Conversely, whenever we are able to liberate them from the old and, often, hidden stories that have been holding them back, a certain kind of out-of-the-blue magic happens:

  • A new assignment appears.
  • They are presented with a new and unexpected opportunity, a chance to work, create, present or collaborate.
  • They find hours of personal time – often, more than they could imagine.

Solutions come when we suspend doubt. Solutions come when we’re curious, savvy and open.

You know this, too. Think for a moment about how many times you’ve achieved a sudden burst of newfound clarity — but only after stepping away from your desk for awhile. Think about the times you’ve experienced the same person or event in a whole new way — all because you shifted your attitude about it.

Amazing, isn’t it?

That’s why my coaching is holistic. Sure, I can get you to finish writing your book. Sure, I can find you more time to write. Sure, I can help you rediscover a vibrant, happy new pursuit, so you can create the kind of success you’re truly proud of.

Guess what, though?

Insights, strategies and tools alone won’t help you break through, transform or unabashedly inspire others.

You have to learn a new way of thinking.

You have to discover the hidden stories you tell yourself and learn to consciously choose a new way of thinking.

When you address your productivity, career or life struggles at the root, you’ll discover solutions, pathways and possibilities that blow your mind.

There is a great power within you. It’s up to you to use it.

With love from your coach,


P.s. – Ready to take charge and write a new story? If we seem like a good fit for working together, I’m happy to chat with you to explore coaching. Go here to request a no-obligation meeting by phone or Skype.

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