Coach Marla Beck

Zoning Out? It’s Time to Shift Your State.

by Marla

in brilliant creativity

You know that feeling you get when you stay overlong at the computer, hoping that something — anything — will materialize in place of the big gaps in your text, problem or plan?

Ten minutes or an hour could go by, and you’re still sitting there.  Staring.

Not fun, is it?

“Zoning out” is a natural cue, cognitive information we often choose to ignore.  It’s so  easy to stay put and continue trying to drive answers or creative solutions right out of ourselves.  As if creativity responded to intensity, force or will…)

So today I’m here to remind you of two things your mom probably told you again and again: when you’re tired, take a break.  To perform at your best, treat yourself well.

Check out this week’s video for practical tips to help you get started.

with love from your coach,


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