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Acknowledge Your Wins: An Easy Way to Write (and Work) Smarter

by Marla

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Do you clean your desk at the end of your workweek or writing day?

I do, and until a few months ago, I realized that the process of “wrapping up this day to prepare for the next”  really drained my energy.

“Dang it.  I didn’t get to that, either?”  I’d think to myself as I filed papers and files.

Typically, my list of “didn’t get it done” tasks and projects was substantial. As I shut and locked the door to my office each afternoon, I’d often feel a disappointment in myself for not being able to get more done in a single day.

(As an aside, this situation tells me two things as a coach:

1.  It’s time to draft more realistic and do-able daily to-do lists for myself.

2.  I’ve probably got a few opportunities to streamline my work by creating a simple system or, even better,  delegating routine tasks.)

These insights are great, and I’ve been coaching myself step-by-step on each point.

But here’s the simple shift I made, one you can take that’s simple, quick and powerful.

I started to consciously acknowledge what I did RIGHT in a day.

  • I made a quick list of conversations, action items, projects I’d moved forward.
  • I grouped them quickly.
  • Then I took 2-3 minutes to consider each success, acknowledging why each “win” was so great for me and my goals.

All the sudden, the voice of my ruthless inner judge diminished.  I’d stepped up to become my own best ally, after all!  And it worked.

Since then, I’ve shared this simple technique with my writer-clients. I’ve used it to close out my music- and song-writing sessions, as well.

If the creative writers, journalists, business owners and artists I’ve coached have found this simple technique motivating and empowering, I’m guessing it’ll work quite well for you, too.

Because too often we don’t often remember how truly powerful we are.

But let me take a moment here to remind you that:

  • You get to DECIDE how you want to feel about your writing.
  • You get to DECIDE how to fine-tune your writing sessions (vs. simply complaining again and again that you’re not on-track).

So here’s how it works.

Did you manage to sit at the desk and work on your novel for 15 measly minutes this week?

Acknowledge your win.

Did you send out 3 Letters of Introduction (LOIs) after intending to send out 10?

Acknowledge your win.

Did you write just 2 new pages of your story, solving a critical craft issue in the process?

Acknowledge your win.

Take charge of your writing by evening up your balance sheet.  It’s normal for the human brain to focus on what’s wrong with situations.

It’s up to you to make the decision to practice focusing on what goes right with your writing.

This really works!

Try this simple practice for 3 weeks and see for yourself if you’re not happier and more on-track with your writing.

I’ll be rooting for you.


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