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How to Fail with Your Writing

by Marla

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Sometimes it so easy to fail with writing that we aren’t even aware how we’re doing it.

Voila!  Here’s a handy guide for you.

Tip #1.  Don’t try.

Simple, right?  Your manuscript can’t fail if it’s not even written.

The fastest way to fail at writing is to decide beforehand that “it’s not worth it…I’ll suck” or “the market won’t buy it.”

These are rationalizations, not the truth.

The only way to find out the real truth about your story and your talent is to take a small risk, start facing your fears and get some words on the page.  I know this isn’t always easy, but most of my clients find that process so very worth it.

Tip #2.  Put everything else before your writing.

Sometimes before I have to write an article, I’ll suddenly become very interested in sweeping my office floor and taking out the trash.  That’s what I call “productive procrastination,” and for some of us, it’s a natural, beneficial part of gearing up to write!

But productive procrastination becomes a big problem when you make a habit of putting  everything else first…all the time.  When you  deprive your writing project by catering to the world’s needs or demands, you give your writing project the very least of you.

Treat your writing like another “child” of yours, one worthy of your time, your energy and your loving engagement.  It’s the only way to truly love your life, if you’re a writer.

Tip #3.  Hang Out with People Who Keep You Doubtful, Stuck and Uninspired.

Have you ever found a real treasure at a garage sale or thrift store?  Occasionally, I do.  It’s kind of a startle to see something of great quality amidst a pile of junk on the $1 table, isn’t it?

As writers we have to pay impeccable attention to our environment.  And the biggest influence for a writer is other people.

Notice how you feel about your writing after you’re around various kinds people in your life, including:

  • people in your critique or writing group
  • your parents
  • your spouse, your kids
  • your friends

A true supporter and friend is someone who wants you to succeed.

NOT someone who’s…

  • invested in keeping themselves stuck (and everyone around them bummed out)
  • afraid you’re taking risks and pressures you directly or indirectly to make a soul-crushing decision to pursue “safety”
  • jokes with you about your unfinished novel, unkindly
  • delights in finding flaws in your works-in-progress (vs. offering helpful criticism, if they’re a critique partner, or just cheering you on, if they’re a friend or family member)

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get unstuck with your writing is to put yourself in an environment with people who are committed to succeeding at their writing goals! 

ExWhen you seek out writers who are working with a coach, you’ll find your creative kin — people who, like you, are investing in their writing with time, money and energy.  You’ll put yourself around others who are as committed as you are to changing old habits and producing new work.  I believe so much in the power of the group that I’ve added a group component to most all of my private coaching programs.  The camaraderie of like-minded others really works.

tent at the campground Let’s Camp!  Ready for a happy, productive writing routine?  Want to build it slowly this summer, with coaching, resources and the company of new writing friends?

Email for your invitation!  We start July 8th and we’re going to have a blast. Would love to have you join us.

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