Coach Marla Beck


“Could your writing career use more
vitality, creativity and forward momentum?”

I’ll bet you already know how to write well.   You’ve read the books and taken the courses.  You’ve published something.  Perhaps you’ve hired a coach in the past.

But you’re NOT yet happy with your writing career.  Perhaps you’re:

  • struggling to finish a novel or non-fiction book proposal, and you keep getting sidetracked or stuck
  • resenting your freelance writing business, and you are finally ready to take charge of your writing assignments, earnings and time — but you haven’t been able to do it on your own
  • dealing with time-, project- or idea-overwhelm, and you need help to simplify your career goals, plan your writing projects and create a consistent, enjoyable writing practice

You CAN achieve these writing dreams (and so much more).

My name is Marla Beck. Since 2005 I’ve been coaching copywriters, journalists, attorneys, entrepreneurs and other professionals to fire up their writing discipline and careers.  I can help you, too.

As you and I work together, you’ll start standing up for the writing that matters most.  You’ll get busy pursuing a writing goal that’s perfect for you.  And you’ll follow through with your writing project until you complete it.

Along the way, you’ll also:

  • reclaim your passion, creativity and personal power
  • experience renewed vitality in virtually every area of your life

If you’re a smart, sensitive and talented writer — someone with a sense of humor or a drive to serve others — it’s likely you and I will work well together.  The easiest way to get to know me is to grab a free copy of Fire in the Belly: The Key to Your Happy and Successful Writing Career.  You can also scroll down to read about other writers’ experiences with my work.

Writing Catalyst - Life & Career Coach, Marla Beck

Glad you’re here. Looking forward to helping you create a writing career you love!

Coach Marla

“Every area of my life benefited from our work together.”

Jennifer Bingham Hull

-Jennifer Bingham Hull, MidAge Mom blogger and author of Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life
“Marla’s coaching is wonderfully holistic. It’s about writing, but it is about so much more. Every area of my life benefited from our work together. With Marla’s support, I found my writing groove again, revamping my website, launching a blog and making significant progress on a book project that had been languishing. Working with Marla is a treat, a gift you give yourself that continues to pay big dividends long after the coaching sessions are over. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”


 “I can’t imagine having finished this novel so quickly without her guidance.”

Daniel Schifrin

Daniel Schifrin, Director of Public Programs and Writer-in-Residence
Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco

“It’s rare, as a writer, to collaborate with someone who understands both the delicacy of the imaginative process and the management tools needed to finish a work of art. Marla has been that collaborator for me. Her approach, combining the creative potential of relaxation and the efficiency of project management, offers a model of how to move one’s art upward and outward into the world. I can’t imagine having finished this novel so quickly, and so well, without her guidance.”


“I came across many coaches with the same promises, goals and mindsets.
But one in particular stood out

Lori Bambacigno

-Lori Bambacigno
Bambacigno Steel Company, Inc.
Modesto, CA
“I came across many coaches with the same promises, goals and mindsets. But one in particular stood out beyond all of the rest.
I knew what I wanted in my life, but I was not sure how to get to the next step and keep the momentum going. I remember the first time Marla and I spoke. She was honest and direct, and told me ‘you will find the answers only when you’re being challenged.’ With that one statement my thinking and writing changed.
Marla is powerful and gracious and takes great pleasure in helping you ignite your life’s desires, making sure you understand that you need to be excited about the process, not just the outcome.
My ability to communicate in business and on a personal level has improved beyond my expectations. My writing has become joyful, creative and productive, and above all, it serves a purpose.”


“I was quite hesitant to hire a coach…”

Jean Thilmamy
-Jean Thilmany, freelance writer

“I was quite hesitant to hire a writing coach to help me work on my novel. Why couldn’t I just do this myself? Why couldn’t I kick my own butt? But I realized I may have resistance that I couldn’t understand. I began working with Marla and realized how to be gentle with myself and to make small, incremental changes to my days and my writing process that have paid off big time. I have written three chapters and a plot outline since beginning work with her and I’m confident I will finish this process—and even have fun doing it, thanks to her calm influence and her clear outline for change, tailored just to me and what I was looking to accomplish.
I’d recommend Marla Beck to anyone looking to overcome writing blocks or get more in touch with his or her inner writer.”


“I learned to live in a way that was truer to my own values and priorities…”

Richard Hermes-Richard Hermes, fiction writer and journalist

“I’ve completed a major writing project and I’m enjoying a transformed relationship to my writing – freer, less encumbered by self-criticism, full of optimism about the future.
With Marla’s patience, wisdom and steady encouragement, I didn’t just get more done; I learned to live in a way that was truer to my own values and priorities.”

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