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Hello!  My name is Marla Beck, and I’ve been coaching mid-career professionals and writers like you
since 2006.  
Marla Beck

Every day I talk to writers who have abandoned a manuscript they once believed in.  Their lives got “busy.”  They lost their confidence.  Or they got “stuck” somehow.

It breaks my heart to see so many writers struggle.

When you put your novel or book project on the back burner, you turn down your brilliance.  You become less “YOU” in your personal life, your family life and your business.

(And you’re certainly not having as much fun as you could be, either.)

That’s why I’ve created a brand-new, FREE teleclass for writers:

Back-Burner, No More!

How to Face Your Fears, Honor Your Own Deadlines

and Get That Book Done

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Join me for a free one-hour class, and I’ll share with you 5 simple steps you need to take to honor your talent, get over your blocks and get your writing project done.

You’ll discover: 

  • How to banish one of the biggest productivity blocks you’ve got (and may not even know you have)
  • A powerful, easy-to-do habit you can start using right away to return to your writing project (and reduce your resistance and fear)
  • 2 practical, easy ways to start setting and meeting your own deadlines

You’ll get practical tips you can start using as soon as we hang up the phone.

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About Marla

MarlaWSMarla Beck, M.F.A., helps successful writers and creative professionals to take charge of their businesses, follow their hearts and get their books, dreams and big projects done. Since 2005, Marla’s wise, holistic and practical guidance has helped established writers, coaches, graphic designers, musicians, attorneys and others to love their lives and bring their brilliance forward.

Marla supports her coaching clients through all phases of projects – from exploring to planning to execution – with an appealing blend of analytical smarts, years of daily meditation practice and a heart that’s learned much from facing life-threatening illness at an early age. Writers and solo professionals who coach with Marla make more money take charge of their businesses, finish their books and create consistent and enjoyable creative practices. Marla’s clients often discover brand-new passions and projects they can’t wait to pursue.