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How Free Are You to WRITE?

by Marla Beck

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Today is the perfect day to reflect on what “independence” really means:

“independent” (adj.)

free from outside control;

not depending on another’s authority

Think about it for a moment.  How free are you with your writing?

  • Have you been feeling stuck or unproductive?

  • Is your creativity limited by judgments, criticisms or fears?

  • Have you given your power away to potential editors, agents or publishers – so much so, that you’ve become timid, lazy or fatalistic about submitting your work?

  • Or are you focused on everything else in your life but writing…and feeling the pain of writing’s absence every time you get honest with yourself and see what you have/have not accomplished so far this year?

We all go through periods of lax productivity and motivation with our writing.  But we don’t all stay in that dull and dispirited place.

Let me share with you a story about a writer I’ll call “Geoffrey.”

Geoffrey hired me to help him out of his writing rut.  You see, it had been seven years since he’d started his novel, and in just a few months he would be celebrating his 55th birthday.  The prospect of spending yet another birthday without his manuscript finished made Geoffrey feel sick to his stomach.

Geoffrey was sick of looking at the “Novel” folder on his hard drive.  Geoffrey was tired of feeling bad about himself, berating himself day after day after day for being “lazy,” “undisciplined,” “unfocused.”  On top of feeling stuck, Geoffrey had told himself he couldn’t explore his next writing project until he was finally finished with this book.

Geoffrey told me he felt like a loser. As the years ticked by, his dream of publishing his story felt farther and farther away.

Even though he was afraid, even though he didn’t know if my methods would work (or exactly how they would work for him), Geoffrey decided to invest in a mentor.  He hired me to teach him how to take charge of his writing and finally finish his novel.

I guided Geoffrey through the same steps my clients have used to finish their books and fire up their writing careers.  Geoffrey learned to make important decisions.  I taught him how to systematize his productivity, fire up his creativity and sustain his inner motivation to write.  Geoffrey was a terrific student!

Using my tested systems and step-by-step, 8-week blueprint, Geoffrey accelerated his productivity and overcame writing blocks that had held him hostage for years.  Geoffrey finished his book.

Proudly, happily, Geoffrey was able to turn 55 with a pride he hadn’t felt in years. He’d stepped up to the challenge.  Because he stopped trying to fix his problem himself, because his writing was important enough to invest in, Geoffrey, with help, solved his problem fast.

Best of all, Geoffrey finally felt like the fulfilled, working writer he always knew he could be: organized, consistent, productive and happy.

A writer with new stories to write.

A writer with a finished story to share.

Geoffrey reclaimed his authority and autonomy. He reclaimed his writing drive and motivation.

Geoffrey got to experience a writing freedom he had never known, and now he has my Finish Your Book strategy and system in hand, so he can recreate this writing momentum any time he chooses.

How would you like to soar through your next birthday year with a newfound writing fire?  How would you like to finish your book?

You can be free too, if you choose to be.  Reach out for help, if you’re stuck.  No need to waste years of writing happiness and productivity.

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