Two Days to Write

Make a plan, face your fears and get your writing

For Busy Writers Who Are Tired of Putting Personal Writing Goals Last.

Ready to feel great about your writing career?

Two Days to Write is a step-by-step, one-of-a-kind coaching experience that delivers attitude-boosting, career-building results in 2 days.

Writers just like you have used this virtual coaching program to:

    • revise a book chapter or book proposal
    • sketch out a structure for a new novel
    • draft a new batch of queries
    • launch a blog
    • write a new e-book

You can, too.

"I no longer look at my cabinet filled with half-finished essays and think: one day.

"Working with Marla has been the best thing I could have done to help me move forward with my writing."

Paul Zakrzewski, editor, Lost Tribe: Jewish Fiction from the Edge

What You Get

Two Days to Write offers you everything you need to make a doable writing plan, get over your fears and get your writing done.

This program is NOT about "driving yourself hard."

You will learn tips and techniques to get your writing done quickly, it's true.

But you'll also learn how to create a personalized writing plan that honors your individual circumstances and energy levels.

You'll learn and practice strategies to help you lay the foundation you need for a consistent, sustainable writing routine.

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5 Steps to a Productive Writing Retreat

In recorded training calls and live group calls by phone, Skype or webcast, I'll take you through my proprietary Two Days to Write coaching process, step by step.

Here's what we'll cover:

Step #1 - Clear your mind, your calendar and your writing environment.

In your first one-hour audio session, l'll show you how to start decluttering your attitude, your schedule and your writing desk with fun, easy-to-do tips.

RESULT: You'll feel more happy, focused and prepared to tackle your writing project.


"I thought the course was very well designed.

"I was able to get back into submitting some magazine queries after taking Marla's course, something that had been put on the back burner since I started focusing more on my copywriting business.

"I would recommend Two Days to Write to any writer looking to make significant headway towards a writing goal."

Louise Julig, business copywriter, journalist and blogger


Step #2 - Choose a specific, career-building writing goal.

In your second one-hour audio lesson, I'll show you how to be daring and decisive with your writing goals.

You'll overcome your writing fears, revive your dreams and reacquaint yourself with your long-term career vision. Then you'll choose a specific project and writing goal for your two-day intensive. It'll be something strategic. Something doable, too.

RESULT: You'll feel brave, focused and ready to write.


"I was scared to commit to my writing.

"It was always easier to say 'I'm so busy, I don't have time.' I felt nervous I would blow the intensive off and I wasn't sure how it would work for me.

"But Two Days to Write is a great use of technology and I surprised myself by not getting distracted.

"I drafted and polished a story and revised two chapters of my novel over the weekend. I was surprisingly productive.

"I would absolutely recommend Two Days to Write to other writers. It worked for me!"

Kimberly Marcus, children's writer


Step #3 - Map your time, energy and writing benchmarks with a step-by-step, Two Days to Write Blueprint.

In your third audio lesson, I'll help you structure your two-day writing intensive using my simple Blueprint template.

You'll plan for writing breaks and you'll learn simple tips and strategies to help you accomplish your two-day writing goal without compromising your health or happiness.

RESULT: You'll feel prepared and excited to tackle your two-day writing goal. Knowing you have a realistic, strategic plan in place, your anxiety will disappear.


Dawn Lyons"Marla gave us many helpful techniques to motivate ourselves and keep ourselves productive over the long haul.

"After taking the Two Days to Write intensive, I feel I have a solid working system in place that I can use for pretty much any work-related task, whether it's the actual writing, marketing my services, or doing my billing.

"Besides that, the workshop got me excited about writing again."

Martha Spizziri, freelance writer


Step 4 - Get Writing.Step #4 - Focus. Write. Relax. (Repeat.)

With your Two Days to Write blueprint and a solid foundation in place, you're ready to write!

You'll kick off your intensive with a Q&A call the night before we begin.

You'll start each day with a group check-in call, so you can get the accountability and coaching you need to write productively.

Throughout the day, you'll be able to access our members' only Facebook group to share your victories, your plans (and your playlists). You'll also be able to call me at designated times for private, one-on-one coaching, if you need it.

You'll end each day with a check-in call to celebrate your successes and review your day. Each call in this program is recorded and the online group is available 24/7, so you can participate in this program successfully no matter where you live.


You'll use your program's calls, community and coaching to banish blocks, fears or isolation as they arise.

You'll achieve your two-day writing goals, one writing session at a time.

You'll feel terrific, too.

(Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you're spending your time, talent and energy on the writing projects that matter most)


" The workshop and the coaching calls I had with Marla helped me focus on a goal that had been evading me for quite a while. I wrote and published three new blog posts and drafted two guest posts in two days.

"I really needed a virtual kick in the pants and Marla provided it."

Marijke Vroomen Durning, health writer and blogger


Step 5 - Leverage Your Writing SuccessStep #5 - Stay on track.

In your fourth and final audio lesson, I'll show you how to learn from your intensive experience and apply your insights to your future writing.

Using my simple template, you'll sketch out a weekly writing plan that truly works for you.


You'll learn something new and useful about your best ways of working and writing.

You'll have a specific, doable writing plan for the next 30 days.

You'll accomplish your writing goal with support from your LinkedIn alumni group.

You'll harness the momentum of your two-day intensive.

How the Program Works

Two Days to Write gives you everything you need to accomplish a productive, two-day writing retreat -- right from the comfort of your own home or office!

You get:

    • 4 one-hour MP3 audio lessons and a 20+ page workbook with templates and checklists to keep you focused, motivated and moving forward

    • 5 live coaching calls

    • access to 1:1 coaching for custom feedback and support

    • access to our private Facebook group

    • an invitation to join the exclusive Two Days to Write LinkedIn alumni group after you complete your weekend

Choose from 2 levels of support, depending on your needs:

Basic - includes everything listed above         $ 197

Premium  - includes everything listed above plus 2 private, half-hour coaching sessions

$ 349

You can participate in Two Days to Write even if you've got other plans for the weekend. Go ahead and...

    • go to your kid's baseball game
    • meet friends for dinner
    • take time off to relax

If you follow my program, you'll still get excellent results.

Two Days to Write is a flexible and customizable coaching program. Past participants have met and exceeded their writing goals by participating in "real time" and on their own. You get to decide.

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Get Started Immediately

You'll get access to 2 one-hour audio lessons and accompanying workbook materials immediately upon registration:

  • Clear Your Mindset, Your Calendar and Your Environment
  • Choose a Specific Two-Day Writing Goal

You'll be able to access your 3rd audio lesson and workbook several days before your intensive begins:

  • Map Out Your Time, Energy and Writing Project

You will also get an invitation to join our private Facebook group when you register. Network with other writers and start reclaiming your enthusiasm for your own writing projects. You'll be able to connect with other writers right away.

To make best use of these resources, give yourself plenty of time. Register early to claim your spot and get a strong start.

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Let's Get You Started

Two days to write takes place October 25-26, 2013. You'll get your call schedule -- including a complimentary KickStart Call the night before we begin -- as soon as you register.

Many writers re-register for Two Days to Write after they experience the benefits for themselves. You're welcome to register for one or both workshops.

You'll also get access to private coaching with me during your intensive. I'll provide you with call-in times once you register.

Call in for Free

Accessing our calls is easy and free. You can attend via webcast, Skype or telephone. Local dial-in numbers are available for most callers in the U.S.

What About Premium Coaching Sessions?

You'll get a link to reserve your half-hour private coaching sessions with me as soon as you register.

  • Your first private, 30-minute coaching appointment will be scheduled Thursday, October 24th between 9am and 2pm Pacific.

  • Your follow up, 30-minute coaching call will be scheduled the Friday, November 1st between 9am and 2pm Pacific.

Please make sure these meeting times work for you before you sign up for Premium.

You have my personal 100% money-back,
no-questions-asked guarantee

Satisfaction I'm committed to doing everything I can to make Two Days to Write an excellent investment in your writing career or business, and I want you to invest with confidence.

If you decide at any time during the intensive that you are dissatisfied with my coaching or the materials I provide, call or e-mail me to request your money back.

No questions asked.

Reserve your spot in the Two Days to Write
program now. Let's get you started!

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Premium Upgrade:  $349


Reclaim Your Writing Career.

As you consider investing in working with me, consider that our work together is potentially life- and career-changing.

You don't have to avoid, ignore or postpone your personal writing projects anymore. You don't have to despair. Two Days to Write can help you get back to your work quickly, but only if you say "Yes" to the opportunity to join us.

Feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions, and I’ll look forward to working with you soon.

To your success and happiness!


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