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Fire in the Belly: 3 Keys to an Inspired Writing Career

Fire in the BellyI don’t have to tell you: It takes fire in the belly to go for your writing dreams.

Fire in the Belly: 3 Keys to an Inspired Writing Career

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 Lost Your Fire?

I created this new audio recording for writers because I got sad seeing so many people with eyes that’ve lost that certain luster that tells this busy world of ours that they know exactly who they are.  Can you relate?

If so, you might find that:

  • You don’t know what you really want in your writing life and career.
  • Your novel goes unfinished (year after year after year…).
  • You’re working too hard in your professional writing business…for too little payoff.

Worse yet, you walk around with a gnawing feeling that you’re definitely NOT living up to your potential.

Help is Here.

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I’ve packed tips, case studies and a lot of heart into this simple-to-use audio and transcript.  Give it a listen and you’ll get motivated and inspired to:

  • Finish your book.
  • Craft and be guided by an authentic, vibrant and bright vision for your craft, your publishing goals and your career.
  • Transform your lackluster professional writing business into satisfying work that earns you what you’re worth.

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Fire in the Belly: 3 Keys to an Inspired Writing Career

Meet Marla

MarlaWSMarla Beck, MFA, is on a mission to help high achievers reclaim their creativity and re-infuse life with more passion, vitality and productive focus than they’ve enjoyed in years. A trusted mentor since 2005, Marla has helped hundreds of freelance journalists, fiction writers and others to recast their professional writing careers, get back to creative writing, and make the most of their talent and professional opportunities. Marla’s clients rely on her expertise, humor and wisdom to chart new directions, publish non-fiction books, finish writing essays, novels and screenplays, publish literary works, find agents, launch speaking careers and more.  If you need help finding courage or time to write, or if it’s time to redirect your career for the better, Marla’s mentoring can help.

Marla‘s thoughts on writing have been featured in The Productive Writer (Writer’s Digest 2010), Writer’s Digest magazine and online at The Renegade Writer, WordCount, The Writer’s [Inner] Journey and elsewhere. An avid QiGong student and performing singer-songwriter, Marla lives with her husband, daughter and cat in Marin County, California.