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Your writing career is peppered with opportunities to take charge and get the results you want.  One thing I’ve learned from coaching writers like you for the past decade is this:  starting your day right is one of the fastest ways to improve your productivity and focus. To get you started, in today’s video tip for writers I’m […]


How to Write Productively After You Come Home From the Office It isn’t always easy to sit down and write productively after a full day’s work. Often my clients tell me they’re tired –- understandably so. Commutes, team meetings and hours spent writing, analyzing, pitching, proofing or planning…all these activities often demand significant physical, intellectual […]


In today’s video tip, I offer you a new perspective on productive writing.  So often, we focus on what we need to do.  In today’s tip, I share with you the one thing you need to give up: “Let This Go and Watch Your Productivity Soar” In other news, I’ll be publishing my newsletter on Tuesdays, […]

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What’s underneath your unproductive habits?  Last week we talked about the perils of living and working by Cruise Control. Today  I’m going to introduce you to the 2nd most common “stuck syndrome” I see in my coaching practice. 2 Kinds of Stuck (part 2) Stuck Syndrome #2 – Start, Stall, Stop. Have you got an […]

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What’s underneath your unproductive habits?  This week and next, I’m going to give you an introduction to two of the most common “stuck syndromes” I see in my coaching practice.  2 Kinds of Stuck Stuck Syndrome #1 – “Cruise Control” An aspiring writer I’ll call “James” came to me for coaching a few years ago.  […]


How’s your week so far?  How are you feeling?  I’m curious.  Since Monday… Have you spent a moment drenched in wonder? Have you surrended your time to a story, a song or a true feeling, and if yes, did you allow it to press beautifully, deeply into the heart of you? Did you nourish your […]

Getting Happy

“It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion.”    – Rebecca West  Well that’s a bit of a tall order…isn’t it? Yet this week, during my coaching calls, several of my writer-clients had big  breakthroughs along these lines… One writer reclaimed a deep passion […]

“You’re imperfect and wired for struggle,” says Brene Brown, “but you are worthy…” You are worthy. Stop for a moment. Pretend you believe “I am worthy, just as I am.” Pretend you believe it down to your bones. Now will you show up differently in the world?  More confident?  Visible?  Unapologetic? For those of you […]


“We don’t live in eternity,” says Marie Beynon Ray — “Begin doing what you want to do now… “We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake.” We don’t live in eternity. If you feel the truth of this sentence down to your bones, this tells me […]


One blustery afternoon in Asheville, North Carolina, while walking to lunch with friends, I turned a corner and encountered a gust of wind so strong that I had to grab a nearby street pole to keep my feet on the ground. I was freaked out! Afterwards, I got to thinking… That wind I experienced was […]

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