Coach Marla Beck

It’s time I shared something with you. Behind the scenes these past few years, I’ve walked through some health challenges that would knock any strong woman off the tracks. The radiation and chemotherapy treatments I received at ages 23 and 25 cured my lymphoma but, starting in 2012, these same treatments began to cause a […]

How to Get Serious About Your Passion Project (an unconventional approach) – Part 2 in a 3-Part Series


As I wrote to you last week: Lots of blogs will tell you how to take charge and get serious about your passions. I’m here to share with you a different path, and it’s one that won’t resonate with everyone. In the next three weeks, I’m going to show you how to finally get serious […]

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Born to Write?

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I still remember the first time I saw my husband on a skateboard. Years ago, he was still my boyfriend, and one day I drove towards the road he lived on for a visit. As I rolled up to a two-way stop sign in his neighborhood, I saw Jon speed by in front of me […]

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Break These 3 Writing Rules


Who makes up all these writing rules we read about on the internet? “Real writers write every single day.”   “The more you write the better.  Push through and write.”   “Real writers get up to write early in the morning.” While these practices work well for many people, they certainly don’t determine who is […]

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2 Ways to Take Charge of Your Mornings

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Your writing career is peppered with opportunities to take charge and get the results you want.  One thing I’ve learned from coaching writers like you for the past decade is this:  starting your day right is one of the fastest ways to improve your productivity and focus. To get you started, in today’s video tip for writers I’m […]

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A Few Thoughts on Love, Writing, and My Mom


A few weeks ago, my mother passed away. Mom was a reserved woman, and throughout my adult life I had often hoped for more intimacy between us. Although the closeness I yearned for never materialized, in her absence my brother and I discovered much evidence of love and connection among her possessions, including: a tin […]

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This Makes Me Mad.


As a seasoned coach for writers, I get angry when I see smart people struggle to reclaim their passion, fire up their productivity and finish writing their books. Sometimes they call themselves lazy. Sometimes they minimize writing’s importance in their lives. Sometimes, they give up on their dreams. If you’ve tried to reschedule your time […]

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My 2 Most Productive Moments of 2016


Just after New Year, I reviewed the past year to make a list of meaningful accomplishments. I also reflected on my most productive creative times: what worked? Why? In today’s video, filmed fresh off a hiking trail, I’ll share with you two of my most productive moments of 2016. Hope you’ll find something you can […]

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How to Make Writing Matter Again: 5 Strategies for Writers.

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Are you finding it difficult to make your writing a priority? Have you been less productive than you’d like? Feel like you’re working vaguely, and without purpose? Your writing, like any living thing, needs care and nourishment to thrive. Read on for 5 of my favorite strategies to make your writing a meaningful priority once […]

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My 2 Favorite Productivity Hacks for Writers

Looking for a quick fix to help your writing sessions become more focused and productive? Today I’m sharing with you two of my favorite productivity hacks for writers. They’re simple. They’re fun. And best of all, they work! With love from your coach, Marla

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How to Write When There’s So Much Else You Could Be Doing


Over the winter holiday, I took my daughter to the DeYoung Museum in nearby San Francisco. We had the good fortune to snag a private tour, and together we weaved through the stately building, looking at women-made sculptures and learning much about art history and appreciation from our European-born docent. Our guide wrapped up the […]

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Writing Productively After Work – Can It Be Done?


How to Write Productively After You Come Home From the Office It isn’t always easy to sit down and write productively after a full day’s work. Often my clients tell me they’re tired –- understandably so. Commutes, team meetings and hours spent writing, analyzing, pitching, proofing or planning…all these activities often demand significant physical, intellectual […]

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